Favorite song

Like a coin,
I was tossed into a wishing fountain,
I was only one in a thousand,
looking for a little fortune.
And you, picked me up and put
me into your pocket,
Nothing I could to stop it
It started out full of promise
The shimmer or the shine that I'd never seen before

The bright lights,
I was taken in by the spotlight
coming from the stare of your wanting eyes
like a Vegas green glow
Yeah, grasping, wish I could roll the dice again
You can always love, but you can't win
A heart is like the money you blow

Hrt den fr? Synes? Har du musikktips?

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Janne, kommenterer tilbake

05.10.2013 kl.13:38

Liker :D

Kaisa Elise

05.10.2013 kl.13:43

Likte teksten!


05.10.2013 kl.14:01

h, den var herlig!


05.10.2013 kl.14:11

hadde ikke hrt den fr n nei :)

mia engvoll

05.10.2013 kl.16:12

fin sang!


05.10.2013 kl.16:24

fin sang <3
Aldri hrt den. :-)


05.10.2013 kl.23:21

S fin :)

Malin H

06.10.2013 kl.13:20

Har ikke hrt den fr nei :)


06.10.2013 kl.15:09

Hadde ikke hrt den fr :p

lise lindblom

07.10.2013 kl.17:59

liker den! :)

Vilde Indrehus

07.10.2013 kl.19:35

thomas dybdahl - running on fumes <3

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